A story of freshness

HI there, here at Norbs & Co we design handcrafted cold process soaps, candles and wax melts. We use sustainable and environmentally friendly palm oils, coconut oils and olive oil to name but a few within our soaps. We are a plastic free company, and every soap is hand wrapped in recyclable kraft paper labels, each candle tin is recyclable and the packaging for the wax melts can be recycled. We are based in North Yorkshire and take a lot of inspiration from the nature around us. All our soaps takes 6 weeks to cure, meaning that the oils saponify (react with the lye to make soap) and the excess water evaporates leaving a nice solid bar. This allows the bar to last longer as it doesn't go soft over time and the fragrance will last. All our supplies are bought from the UK and we are fully certified following the EU regulations. This means that all of our bars are tested to make sure they are skin safe and will not cause any problems. Any allergens are listed so please take a look at each listing to double check. 

What we are: 
- Plastic Free
- Cruelty Free 
- Sustainable 
- Ethically Sourced
- Eco Friendly
- Biodegradable